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General information

By purchasing design templates on the Business Design Boutique you acquire the right to use the purchased design for your own private and/or business purpose - forever, without time limitation. 1 design template can be used for 1 website only. It does not matter where you are located or how many people will visit your website - we hope many ;-). You are, however, not allowed to re-distribute or sell any designs provided by or purchased from the Business Design Boutique and/or HCG corporate designs.

Copyright remark

By purchasing and using any professional website template purchased on the Business Design Boutique, you agree to keep the copyright remark and backlink to the Business Design Boutique’s website in the website template’s footer. You are also obliged to keep the email address as a contributor in the Wix backend.

Using fonts

Our professional website templates are made for a global marketplace. The fonts used in our templates are for demonstration purposes only. Please double-check with your local legislation if using the fonts in your purchased website template is in compliance with the law where you live. You are solely reliable for your website being in compliance with the law.

Photo and video material

Every professional website template on the Business Design Boutique comes with royalty free multimedia assets provided by the Wix Library. Feel free to use them, as provided by the Wix Library. However, you are only allowed to use them as part of your Wix / Editor X website. In addition to that, you can also buy photo licenses from platforms like Shutterstock, iStockphoto or other companies and use them in your website.

Refund policy

As all our products are 100% digital, we do not offer returns and/or refunds. However, we can provide you with an exchange for another design template if you believe you made a wrong purchase or prefer another template in our shop . Please make sure to contact us before the website template is transferred to your Wix account. Refunds after the website transfer are not possible.

In addition to the above stated terms, the general terms and conditions of HCG corporate designs apply to everything related to the Business Design Boutique.

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